26% of Transformation efforts
are successful

74% of Transformation
efforts fail.

Executing a successful transformation
requires more than just the right strategy…
it needs transformed behaviours

We partner with leaders on journeys to recalibrate the behaviours of their organization to deliver on their strategy.

Successful transformations require intentional leadership

Research on organisational transformations consistently finds 3 out of 4 change efforts are ultimately unsuccessful at significantly improving the organization over time (HBR 2017, McKinsey 2015). Successful transformations (the 26%) were led by people who:

  • Communicated an authentic and compelling change story – one that aligns the leader’s purpose, vision and direction with that of the transformed organization
  • Role modelled the necessary change
  • Invested in developing the capability within leaders and teams to lead the change – equipping the organization to go to new places.

While organisations heavily invest in the transformation ‘strategy’, successfully executing that strategy depends on transforming the behaviours of the organization. Intentionally recalibrating leadership habits ensures alignment between ‘what we say’, and ‘what we do’ – overcoming the ‘knowing versus doing’ gap. We partner with leaders, their teams and their organisation to align heads, hearts and hands to bring the transformation to life.

Transition from a bank to a universal financial services platform business

We have been on a multi-year journey, working across all businesses within a global financial services organisation (50,000+ employees, 4 continents)  to reconfigure and realign their leadership as they transform from a traditional bank to a universal financial services platform business.

The journey has seen us partner with the Group CEO and their team, Business CEOs and their teams and Senior Executives across the organisation as a trusted guide. We have supported them to identify the tension between their leadership today, what will be required to successfully lead the organisation tomorrow, and the pathways to get there.

This has involved ongoing individual partnerships, team journeys and all-of-business engagements.