Grow the team of today..
achieve the results of tomorrow

The current habits of your team enable their performance today. However, success tomorrow requires something different.

We partner with Leadership Teams to embed the leadership required to enable the high performance of their organisation.

The way your team currently operates delivers the results you get today...

But your strategy demands something different to be successful tomorrow.

The way your leadership team works today is based on its current understanding of what is required to be effective.

However, when conditions change and your strategy calls for something new, your team can no longer rely on its existing ways of working. These behaviours and habits, which may have once been helpful, are no longer fit for purpose for what the team needs to be successful.

Hence, the challenge for leaders and their teams becomes how to recalibrate their habits to best execute on the intent of their strategy.

When teams align where they need to go and what they need to do, with how they need to do it, they unlock greater levels of collaboration and performance.

Strategy & Culture Alignment – Australian arm of Global NFP (+$500m turnover)

We partnered with the Board, new CEO and Leadership Team, and top 120 leaders to bring to life a new 5 year business strategy to enable the organisation’s sustained relevance and impact.

The CEO identified that the new strategy required a re-alignment of the leadership and culture of the organisation. We partnered with Senior Leadership Team on a co-creation journey that integrated the organisation’s purpose, vision and refreshed strategy with the required culture shifts and individual commitments to bring it to life. The Senior leadership team then embarked on a team effectiveness journey to optimise their leadership of the strategy & culture alignment.

We then supported the top 120 leaders to recalibrate their habits on an ongoing basis so that the culture shifts were embedded across the organisation.

The combination of a refreshed strategy and aligned culture saw the organization amplify their impact globally.