Our Partnership Approach

We journey with leaders and their teams to enables transformation, successful change and high performance, in themselves and their organisations. ​

Our clients are the experts at what they do – we partner as a trusted guide, bringing a powerful process and proprietary methodology informed by neuroscience and psychology, to enable their success.

​We partner with CEOs, Senior Leaders, and Leadership Teams of large Corporate and for purpose organisations in the Asia Pacific, Europe and Africa.

Our case studies

Transition from a bank to a universal financial services platform business

We have been on a multi-year journey, working across all businesses within a global financial services organisation (50,000+ employees, 4 continents) to reconfigure and realign their leadership as they transform from a traditional bank to a universal financial services platform business.

The journey has seen us partner with the Group CEO and their team, Business CEOs and their teams and Senior Executives across the organisation as a trusted guide. We have supported them to identify the tension between their leadership today, what will be required to successfully lead the organisation tomorrow, and the pathways to get there.

This has involved ongoing individual partnerships, team journeys and all-of-business engagements.

Strategy & Culture Alignment – Australian arm of Global NFP

We partnered with the Board, new CEO and Leadership Team, and top 120 leaders to bring to life a new 5 year business strategy to enable the organisation’s sustained relevance and impact.

The CEO identified that the new strategy required a re-alignment of the leadership and culture of the organisation. We partnered with Senior Leadership Team on a co-creation journey that integrated the organisation’s purpose, vision and refreshed strategy with the required culture shifts and individual commitments to bring it to life. The Senior leadership team then embarked on a team effectiveness journey to optimise their leadership of the strategy & culture alignment. We then supported the top 120 leaders to recalibrate their habits on an ongoing basis so that the culture shifts were embedded across the organisation.

The combination of a refreshed strategy and aligned culture saw the organization amplify their impact globally.

Transition from excellent scorekeepers to trusted business partners – CFO & Finance Department (20,000+) Corporate

We partnered with a newly appointed CFO to amplify their impact, and uplift their Finance Leadership Team from “excellent scorekeepers” to “trusted business partners.” This involved work with the CFO, Finance Leadership Team and Top 40 Finance Leaders, identifying a compelling vision for how they enable competitive advantage in the organisation and their pathway to deliver on it. This Team Journey of Change was informed by insights gathered from the stakeholders they serve. Once the outcomes were identified, we supported the Function to embed the desired change through individual habit change, supported by peer-to-peer co-learning and accountability. When the leadership ambition of “trusted business partners” began to be experienced by their external stakeholders, we supported the Leadership Team to identify the next ‘uplift’ for the function - from “trusted business partners” to a “globally benchmarked, world-class finance team”. The journey continues!